Ive Seen A Difference In My Skin

Review for Resveratrol Merlot Refining Peeling
My friend and I recently brought the Cellular peel whilr holidaying in Singapore… brought it from the Vine vera store there. I wouldn’t normally waste my holiday money on buying expensive beauty products.. but on this occasion I did! Beacause, I was impressed with the demonstration I was given, and the feel of the products. Ive seen some less flattering reviews, but I hope they are wrong because, so far I have seen a difference in my skin… pore size and I notice its very effective for drying out my zits! My friend and I both think something is working so.. hopefully it really is.. I really liked the texture of the moisturiser cream too, which I was given a sample. . left my skin feeling soft and hydrated, without making it oily. So, so far, so good
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