I do not buy expensive skin care but….

Review for Resveratrol Shiraz Instentic Non-Surgical Syringe

I do not buy expensive skin care but after seeing the results of the bags disappearing on one of my eyes, at a fair demonstration, I succumed and bought 2 tubes. It easily takes 10 years or more off your face, depending on how bad the bags are. It does take learning the dabbing technique so it does not pinch or pull lines or leave part of the bag. I did not use this every day, only when going out. The bad part is, I thought the whole tube had the product in it, it does not. Only the last inch has product in it, so now that makes it VERY expensive. The 2nd tube I was very upset. I hit a few little air pockets the first few times I used it, about 5, then there was NOTHING! Even the last inch had almost nothing in it. The first tube lasted me a year with intermitent use. This just 5 times. Ripped off!!! I found out egg whites works about as well, doing 2 coats, letting the first one dry. It just does not last as long.

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